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By contrast, a roustabout would perform general labor, such as loading and unloading cargo from crane baskets and assisting welders, mechanics, electricians and other skilled workers. In oil fields, a roughneck's duties can include anything involved with connecting pipe down the well bore, as well as general work around a rig.The crew of a land-based oil rig can be further divided into several positions: In Canada on land-based rigs, the term roughneck refers to the floorhand.Originally the term was used in the traveling carnivals of 19th-century United States, almost interchangeably with roustabout.

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In the United Kingdom's oil industry starting in the 1970s, roughneck specifically meant those who worked on the drill floor of a drilling rig handling specialised drilling equipment for drilling and pressure controls.

In practice, these workers ranged from unskilled to highly skilled, depending subjectively on the individual worker's aptitude and experience. oil drilling industry even earlier and had a similar meaning.

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