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reported that, when he was informed of his sex symbol status, “Jordan blushed before adorably laughing at the thought of fans crushing on him”. I’m handling it OK.” He then added (because presumably he wants to make my ovaries explode with pleasure), “My family is keeping me grounded.” WHAT AN ADORABLE MAN. He went on, “I’m just trying to mature and develop as a man and as an actor, in front of the screen and behind, so it’s cool. I am here to provide him with empirical, undeniable, stand-up-in-court evidence that he is, in fact, a hot hot babe.

But since she has no real dramatic technique, she doesn't even vaguely suggest Marilyn, and neither does the film: that's why the thoroughly mediocre script hits you over the heads with ! and makes sure you know Buck is a football player(!!!Anyone would be better off to take a look at 'The Goddess'with Kim Stanley,which was already in 1958, in Paddy Chayefsky's script, capable of capturing the essence of Monroe when she was still alive--she hadn't even made 'Some Like It Hot' yet, much less 'The Misfits' and the Kennedys.SUSSEX, WI - A water tower in Sussex, Wisconsin is turning a lot of heads. Contractor Jesse Sheets says they were painting over the name Sussex and had to stop after the first three letters were covered.That was surprising to me because the writing was so good. I’ve been through about a bazillion processes when it comes to how films and television are created. I’ve got my own process: I’m gonna do my homework, you show up with a camera and turn it on, and tell me if you like it or don’t like it. There’s a graphic scene in Episode 2 in which Chris and Sylvere dance naked and then have sex as Dick watches. It was spectacular and long — it wasn’t just 30 seconds. In a tense game of Scrabble, Offred asks the Commander (Joseph Fiennes) what happened to her predecessor in the Ceremony and is appalled at the answer. Dre (Anthony Anderson, below, with Tracee Ellis Ross) wants Bow’s (Ross) baby shower to be unforgettable, but is forced to put his plans on hold when Bow stops by the OB-GYN with a headache.It felt like I was back in Circle in the Square [Theatre] in 1976 — you know, in acting school. I really was wanting to crack up — it was all hilariously inappropriate and cool and funny. You get butt-naked or shirtless yourself several times.

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