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Pasta lovers should go for types of pasta that are easier to eat, like farfalle, macaroni or orecchiette.

when the two dogs share the same pasta noodle has gone down in the books as one of the most romantic meals in film.

Come in August and the canals stink – while the streets are so stuffed with tourists and cruise-ship passengers that you can barely move for selfie sticks, dropped ice creams and Americans trying to work out where the Colosseum is.

Sao Paulo, Brazil If Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s sexy party girl, then Sao Paulo is its big junkie cousin that no one in the family talks about any more.

We’ve picked the least romantic experiences around the world.

It’d be the most romantic moment of your life—if not for that stench from the canal and the bottleneck of gondolas up ahead.

The trauma is further embellished by the display of associated artefacts.

Once-treasured mementoes are now just creepy relics of pain and broken promises – a gross spectacle to be sure, but perhaps you’ll leave feeling mutually confident that yours is a love which will endure?

Annette Thompson likes a packed suitcase and a new highway. The travel writer and photographer calls Birmingham, Alabama, home, though she knows many other places just as well, such as her summer digs in Cambridge, England.

She's a soft-core adventure seeker, from hiking an alpine path, to driving race cars, to hooking monster tuna and tarpon.

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