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R's flexibility and breadth of standard and novel methods for data analysis and graphics makes it an ideal choice to make new discoveries and guide the direction of subsequent clinical trials.

It's in the clinical phases, where human subjects are exposed to prospective new drugs for the first time, where R is less well-known.

Data River delivers an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System, based on the popular open source web platform for Clinical Trials Open Clinica™.R is well-known for its use in pre-clinical data analysis in drug research.In the relatively unregulated phases before human subjects are exposed to new compounds, researchers have the opportunity to explore data with a variety of techniques.Whether you have already worked with SAS at university or you were introduced to it in your job, you will probably not be immediately aware of the vast scope of SAS across many industries and the type of very interesting and varied work that is performed across these industries.What you will soon realise however, once you start working with SAS, is that it's very easy to become passionate about and absorbs your interest.

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