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Exuding a fresh and modern approach to matchmaking, Sameera combines her unique experience as a corporate recruiter and headhunter, and manager of a national dating agency, with a Masters degree in Adult Psychology, to help her clients make truly Lasting Connections.

Dear Christine, I started dating a man and we have an amazing connection. I had NEVER considered or imagined I would be drawn to someone so much older. Do I turn away what seems to be my perfect match because of the age gap?

You are concerned that a 15 year age difference may be a "terrible idea" or "setting yourself up for future failure." Are these irrational concerns, or is this your intuition trying to out-talk your infatuation?

In my opinion, there is a lot more than just 15 years that separates you from your 42-year-old boyfriend.

We have endless and effortless conversations about the myriad interests we share, he's hilarious (and he thinks I am too), we share the same values in life, I feel like I can be 100% myself with him. Let me be clear, I'm not drawn to him because he "fathers me." I have a great, solid relationship with my dad and have no issues there.

“The unedited, natural approach is a far better choice. Being a decent human being never goes out of style. Share your expectations right off the bat to avoid awkward misunderstandings.

Narcissists will provoke jealousy within the relationship, but researchers want to find out why.

In the study, published in the journal of , Tortoriello and his colleagues explored whether narcissists strategically provoke romantic jealousy, and how the two subtypes are positively connected to jealousy.

Speaking to Both members of the original Aganoa tribe, the pair has been tight from day one and formed an alliance early in the game.

When the tribes merged from three to two, both were picked to join Sanapu and successfully fought their way into the final tribe.

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The word is so often misused that we forget which behaviors are narcissistic, or how to tell a narcissist from a self-centered jerk.

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