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If you belong to the majority of victims that know their offender in real life (62%), you should probably respond to them.This obviously depends on the individual case, but sending a clear and mature message can do wonders or at least gain you a lot of respect.You could also be breaking the social media site’s rules of use.For example, Facebook does not let you create an account for anyone else without their permission or create more than one account per person.If you can’t think of anything funny or intriguing to say, just forget the message and add her as a friend anyway.Spend 15 minutes skimming through her about page, interests, past wall posts in her timeline and photos.

This would include creating a fake profile to harass or offend someone.

Offenders use their victims’ walls or private messages to post insults, threats, or other abusive messages.

In the real world it can be tough to avoid bullies or even prove what they have done.

In Facebook, however, you have effective tools to deal with people who deliberately abuse you.

And the good news is that all of your options are straight forward and simple.

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Instead of immediately deleting the comment and blocking the offender on Facebook like some of us do, she wrote back. And for your general knowledge, Yes, All women have breasts. Could Singh, a budding actress in Bollywood, have lodged a formal complaint against the offender? But it would have been far from an easy ride to actually bring the offender to book.

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