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The public was angered by government attempts to censor details of those disasters.

century China, when I start noticing the number of ground-breaking women who populate his story.

Among other topics, he has examined the politics behind a chemical leak in West Virginia and profiled Vice President Joe Biden.

A promotional blurb for this book says that Evan Osnos “follows the moving, illuminating stories of everyday people” in China. Osnos covered China from 2005-2013, mostly for The New Yorker.“In my research, I gravitated most of all to the strivers – the men and women who were trying to elbow their way from one realm to another, not just in economic terms, but in the matters of politics, ideas, and the spirit,” he explains.

Auf gut 500 Seiten wagt Evan Osnos einen Spagat zwischen unmittelbarer Gegenwart und historischer Verankerung, empirischen Fakten und erzählerischer Kraft.

Osnos, der von 20 in Peking lebte, erst als Korrespondent der „Chicago Tribune“, dann als Reporter des „New Yorker“, verbindet Wissen aus erster und zweiter Hand im munteren Hin und Her von Abenteuergeist und Archivrecherche, die auch Berge von statistischem Material zutage fördert.

The people in this book include famous dissidents, self-made millionaires, and other high-profile Chinese.

In her bestselling book “Harvard Girl,” Zhang Xinwu documented how she got her daughter into that elite school by toughening her up – having her hold ice cubes, run up stairs and study in noisy locations. Observing the Communist Party Congress, Osnos writes, “The choreography was flawless: every few minutes, a team of young women carrying thermoses of hot water, passed through the rows of VIPS, pouring tea with the precision of synchronized swimmers.”Another striver is Li Yang, whose Crazy English program has given him a rock star-like following, with students unleashing their “international muscles” by shouting their lessons.

This book covers the breathtaking scope of corruption in China and how it played a role in a deadly crash of a high-speed train in 2011 and in the collapse of schools during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

"Liu Xiaobo was a representative of ideas that resonate with millions of people all over the world, even in China.

These ideas cannot be imprisoned and will never die," Berit Reiss-Andersen, chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said in a statement.

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and wrote articles about China’s young neoconservatives, the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, and the Wenzhou train crash.

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