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In the 1930’s, Montgomery Ward commissioned the Monark Battery Company (later Monark Silver King) to build a line of aluminum bicycles based on Monark’s own line of aluminum bikes. Most parts are interchangeable, so restorations are a lot easier than if you were dealing with something exclusive.The Hawthorne versions were dubbed the , and differed only slightly. Many Hawthorne bicycles share a lot in common with other bicycles built by the two primary companies, Cleveland Welding, and H. This can also make identification of a Hawthorne bicycle difficult if it is missing it’s badge or other unique identifying components, such as the sprocket.After a grueling interview process only ONE name rose to the top, Phil Maxwell.Although he will be wearing many hats Phil’s primary duties will include Sales, Marketing and Athlete Support.Then I gave it a quick coat of Turtle-Wax Chrome-Cleaner / Polish / Rust-Remover.

(and many others) Above: Cleaning-up the stem-mount shifters, refurbishing one side at a time.

Here’s what Toby told As we head into our fifth year as a brand, Box Components is proud to announce Phillip Maxwell as our new BMX Brand manager.

With all the changes at Box in 2016, such as our MTB Product development and passing the torch of the Promax brand to QBP so we can better focus on Box, we really needed someone in-house to focus 100% on BMX Race, other than myself.

I also polished the bars with the Turtle-Wax and touched them up with the soft brass wheel-brush. Above: The original rear derailleur cleaned-up great, but there was no way to tighten it up.

Brass wheel brushes throw lots of bristles when using! It would not stay in the proper position even though the spring was fine.

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