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This Flagship Award recognises the move to mobile, and as such celebrates both online dating sites and apps.

Nothing says “I want to get to know you” quite like a bunch of ants crawling up your legs, trying to steal your sandwich. A picnic in Central Park is the perfect opportunity to truly get to know your date, people-watch and enjoy nature. Okay…maybe Chicago isn’t the best show to go see but a show where tickets are less than is.We managed to lose ourselves in both the city and each other, laughing and joking before settling down to an early night ahead of the busy day to follow.On the Thursday we met up with several other couples and it really made me realise that e Harmony are on to something.“Like you enjoy having a lot of different groups you shift between; like that’s what you want.” In fact, as my tablemates and (and other conversation partners since) have affirmed, my experience is common, perhaps even typical: even for those who hang onto groups of friends from childhood or college, people tend to acquire additional groups through work or neighborhoods, hangouts or hobbies. But I also find myself envious of those like my oldest brother, who has maintained the same friend group since growing up in Brooklyn in the 80s: now in their late 40s, they still gather for regular dinners and weekends and parties, share childcare.And of course, there are ways in which I do appreciate having different sets of : my college crew, assorted groups of writer friends–people I teach in prison with, have one writing group with, another writing group with, teach college with, went through a mentor program or residency with, etc. They have other friends, but there’s no question that the group is core to all their lives.

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