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In recent years, Royal Worcester, which celebrated its 250th anniversary by inviting The Queen to visit its factory, struck a deal with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to produce cook and dinner ware.Spode, which set up a factory in Stoke-on-Trent in around 1770, is famous within the industry for the perfection of underglaze blue printing and for leading the development of bone china in the 1790s.There are variations of the major types that we will call sub-types.Each unique subtype will be designated by an Arabic numeral followed by English alphabet letter. Note: The designation of "type" is entirely ours ...Worcester dinnerware traces its origins back to 1751, when it began producing porcelain in Worcester, England.What collectors know in modern times as Royal Worcester bone china dates from 1862, when the company became the Worcester Royal Porcelain Company.Thus the dating of Royal Worcester products begins in 1862.In 1976, the company merged with Spode, but still produced porcelain products.

As noted above, the company went through a number of changes in ownership and developed many partnerships over its long life, not to mention varied factories producing pieces in different locations.

Its first royal dinner service was made for the Duke of Gloucester in the 1770s and in 1789 George III awarded Worcester its first Royal Warrant, allowing it to use the Royal Coat of Arms and the words "Manufacturers to their Majesties".

In the 20th century, Royal Worcester became extremely popular in the USA, although the Wall Street crash of 1929 heralded falling demand for luxury items and Royal Worcester narrowly escaped closure in the early 1930s.

Until he died in 1868, Copeland managed the business and then passed it on to his heirs.

The factory was modernized in 1923, which included the addition of electric power.

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