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- private messaging system between members - admin console , announcement from admin (PMs to users), listing new users, with ability to ban/delete user - search feature based on age, gender, purpose of being on the site, height , weight , city, country..

- users can put their own personal ads to make themselves easily visible on the site.

More than nine million people in Britain are signed up to online dating sites, and 184 people alleged to having been raped by someone they met online in 2014. Sean Sutton, head of the National Crime Agency’s Serious Crimes Analysis Section has encouraged survivors to come forward: “Our message is the police will take them seriously and deal with them sympathetically.

“You can’t see a stranger rapist coming; they are going to be charming, potentially they are going to be persuasive.

She stressed that the man in question was not her former spouse Ken Boyd, whom she divorced in 2011, but someone she was with at a much younger age."I was in this really aggressive relationship and I was so frightened.

In this so-called marriage, I believe I was violated many times…

Speaking about the incident, Sherrie revealed: "I didn’t know what it was for a minute, but then I haven’t seen one for many years. '"The actress continued: "I was shocked and didn’t know where to look.

It’s the online dating version of a flasher but apparently it’s quite common.

Features - site should have member system, with photos, they can have albums in their profiles and upload photos up into them."The picture definitely wasn’t worth sending, but I can’t get it out of my head.It’s put me off that website but I’m still looking for love."Sherrie, who is currently gearing up for a new series of Benidorm, said she was eager to meet a man in 2016."I would like to know what it’s like to have somebody care about you, I’ve forgotten what it’s like.It should use CSS, and at the top only one logo as graphic file, and some smileys in private messaging system, letter icons for the read, unread and announcments.It is like a weekend project, I could code myself but no enough time on these days.

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