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Duddy told the boy he "had broken up with his girlfriend and he was pleasing himself".

Neil Clarence Duddy, who was caught exposing himself to the boy and sending him links to porn sites, was sentenced to nine months jail suspended for two years after pleading guilty in the Ipswich District Court on Friday.

Fri Xion: The biggest thing holding the technology back has been a combination of stubborn patent and license holders stifling innovation, combined with a “toy” mentality in the industry as it stands.

Our mainstream perspective gives us an advantage to use resources that others just haven’t tapped. Not toys, not trendy vibrators that pretend to be smart or interactive, not gimmicks – reflective force feedback creates a true sense of physical connection and intimacy between users over any distance, which is amazing already, and to adapt it for sex was an easy and intuitive step after that. Everything else until now has been varying levels of masturbation.

For example, much of the work we’ve done to bring a true remote intimacy solution is to tackle patent and licensing issues as a predicate to our development, which was no easy task; most adult businesses just don’t think this way and get shut down half way in and give up. The technology this is all based on is from remote presence robots that are used for remote surgeries – for example one ,000 robot would track the edge of a doctor’s scalpel to the micron, while the other in another part of the world replaces his movements 1:1 exactly.

The Falcon does this same translation, but as a consumer robot with a retail price of less than 200$ with precision to the millimeter.

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