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Once a well-kept secret, it is now a cruise-ship port and a popular vacation spot - especially for avid divers and snorkelers.

A mountainous backbone undulates through the island's center, and flourishing coral reefs fringe its shores offering superb opportunities for diving and deep-sea fishing.

No other nude or clothing optional cruises offer as many choices as Couples Cruise® .

A diamond in the rough, Honduras, Central America's second-largest country, dazzles visitors with its natural beauty and diverse wildlife.

Honduras is a country endowed with impressive natural resources, lush jungles and exciting mountains, inviting rivers and fascinating ancient ruins, pure pristine beaches, crystal clear waters …and friendly smiles!

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Property location on Google maps is N16.405366 (16 24 19.3N) and W86.303426 (86 18 12.3W) which will put you right on the end of the dock.

Safe Way Maritime provides ferry service between the island of Roatan and the port city of La Ceiba.

Water access only and about a 10 minute boat ride from Oak Ridge where there are several places to leave a vehicle, most charge a month and that includes a boat slip and parking spot.

Conservative General Francisco Ferrera became the first elected president of the country of Honduras.

Presidents of Honduras after 1900 represent one of two dominant political parties, the Liberal Party of Honduras (PLH) and the National Party of Honduras (PNH).…

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