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His presence in movies gives no indication of how he might handle sketch comedy.Gosling's as handsome as ever, but the phenomenon of his handsomeness has kind of subsided, leaving behind a marquee actor who consistently makes interesting choices and doesn't seem too concerned with making hits.In one caption, he wrote: "Can't believe tomorrow is going to be 15 years. Thank u all for ur kind words and support." Scott Davidson, a firefighter in Brooklyn Heights, went to the World Trade Center shortly after the second plane struck the twin towers.The Daily News reports that he and five fellow firefighters in his ladder company died while trying to get people out of a hotel.

Whoever decided to release the trailer for his forthcoming film, The Nice Guys, on Friday did Gosling a favor, however, because seeing the actor play a wacky schlub for the first time since Lars and The Real Girl set the stage for Saturday night.

The profile was found by a redditor who was just looking for someone to chill with when he happened upon a picture of someone who appears to be Hill’s mom.

According to the New York Post, the 31-year-old was gushing about his latest squeeze, who he introduced as his girlfriend at the screening of Virunga, a documentary produced by the Titanic actor, in the Big Apple.

Samberg, their spark going unnoticed by the remainder of the Samberg Family ] Jonah Hill: Like...

Andy Samberg: So, what -- you guys hang out, or something?

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