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Joshua and Klitschko are expected to begin their entrances to the ring at approximately 9.25pm, with the fight itself starting at 10.00pm.

The main event and the undercard will be shown live on Sky Sports Box Office.

meanwhile the story continues proper when season thee resumes with episode 16, I Can't Keep Away From You, on April 1.

The adorably mis-matched couple, who are a foot and a half apart in height, first got together in 2009 when the Heroes star met the fighter at a party and began dating shortly afterwards.

Alternatively, you can bookmark this article, which will become Joshua: W18 KO18 L0 D0 Klitschko: W64 KO53 L4 D0 Joshua is the reigning IBF world heavyweight title holder, a belt that Klitschko lost in defeat to Tyson Fury in November 2015.

The pair could be set to pocket a whopping £15million each from one of the biggest fights in boxing history.There was certainly nothing special about his laboured footwork, his rigid stance or the dull, confused look on his face.Yet in boxing, all of that matters little if you keep a stock of brutal, devastating power in reserve. Joshua came out like a train, firstly stunning his elder opponent with a hook, but it was the magnificent right uppercut that followed shortly after, an utterly monumental punch, that brought the champion back from the brink. He rose from the canvas at the count of six, but was soon down again after Joshua landed several sweet combinations. We've explained our reasoning in our predictions piece, but I either see Joshua blowing Klitschko away early or this lasting the distance, possibly with a Klitschko victory on points.The fight will take place on Saturday 29 April at Wembley in London.

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