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Vi takker alle forfatterene for de 5000 historier, og læserne for at læse dem.Da sexhistorier startede tilbage i 1999, havde vi ingen ide om, at siden ville blive så populær, men det kan vi kunne takke forfattere og læserene for.About six years ago, when I was 17, my parents went down to St. I talked to a girl who was sitting on her own and thought for a while I might pull.Ives for the August bank holiday weekend to stay with my aunt and uncle. A half-decent pair of sunglasses is like 50, and so, what with me being a parasitic student back then, I couldn't really afford to make myself look as hot as I wanted. She was also at Cornwall with her parents, but in her case for a two week holiday (yikes), and she wanted someone to go out with in the evenings.As it happened, Rob was away that weekend - I think he'd had to go up to University to sort out a house with his mates or something - so I was piss bored. I decided to wander about and see what I could find to do for the few days I was there. I'd been thinking how lucky she must be feeling to have a 6 foot blond sporty guy like me to be sniffing around her. It was Saturday so the town was heaving by the middle of the afternoon and I walked out of town to get some space and to cool off. Looked over my well-toned body, nicely proportioned from playing basketball, but when I looked back at her she was talking to some dweeby ginger guy who'd come out from a shop.

“Christian” er en Pirrende homoerotisk sexnovelle om en ung fyrs tiltrækning af en klassekammerat, og deres første sexoplevelser Incest mellem far og søn i “Fotografen” Sexnoveller omhandlende sex i alle afskygninger mellem meget unge, og voksne.

Vi er kun på udkik efter aktive bi-fyrer, som vil bruge os begge, så er du ikke til m/m, så hold dig venligst væk!

Skrev, hvis du/I kan tilbyde noget frækt og har billede på profilen.

I was going to stay at home but since my girlfriend at that time was away doing her geography fieldwork, I thought it might be worth taking a look at St. We talked about where we might go and which bars looked cool, but then she suddenly became really weird, made some insultingly transparent excuse, and then just legged it. I kept wondering what I might have said to make her think I was a rapist or axe murderer or some such thing.

Ives and maybe try a bit of surfing with my cousin, Rob. Annoying part was that she was really fucking drab and I normally wouldn't have even looked twice at her.

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