Sara quin dating stacy reader

I didn’t think that any two people could be so well suited for each other until I met them.

If I ever get doubtful about the existence of true love, all I need to do to is look to them. Jaime and Tanis currently live in Florida with their two cats (Sunny and Iffy) and two dogs (Owen and Dayton).

What used to be an easy band to contact is now balanced between two publicists (the major label contact and the girls’ long-time PR guru), and so incredibly busy that they have time to do press only if they have a day off in between shows.

Sara was able to talk to me on one such off day, in between several other interviews, two days before Halloween.

Their friends compare anxious Sara to a cat, and breezy Tegan to a dog.

Fans can usually tell the 35-year-old Canadian identical twins apart: Sara has a heart-shaped face, and Tegan has a little scar from her old labret piercing. Their eighth, Love You to Death, arrived this month, and it’s a summery blast of pop goodness. “But if you’d asked me first if we have telepathy I would have said, ‘No, you’re annoying, don’t even ask the question’.” The duo from Calgary, Canada, have been making albums for 17 years now.At 35, Tegan and Sara Quin are only just experiencing their first moment of spooky twin connectivity. They’ll be more tolerant of a discussion on the subject with me today, however, as I have twin daughters myself (who are big fans, incidentally, and have drawn a picture for them).The day before we meet, Tegan started complaining that her right ring finger was hurting. They sit helpfully left-to-right in the order their names are written on their album sleeves, though it’s not so hard to tell the difference in the flesh.

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