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We did have some ground rules, not because I was trying to protect his ego, but because money is something that I feel very passionate about, but I also believe that some things are best kept private.

Wives who make more money than their husbands are not uncommon today.For today’s dads, having a wife who is the primary breadwinner isn’t always easy.Although a growing share of married mothers earn the majority of income for their families—slightly less than one-quarter of married families with children, according to the American Community Survey, it’s clear that some men in homes with female breadwinners find this new reality hard.With statistically more women graduating college than men, and increased employment opportunities, many women take full-time jobs that pay well.For those in marriages without children, both spouses typically work.

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My husband and I have a date this week to exchange love letters and celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the night he got down on one knee and proposed.

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