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A sweet story and a great cast make Dear Viola an absolute gem of a film for the entire family. Honestly, it's great for date nights, family viewing, teen sleepovers, etc. I ordered the DVD to watch with my pre-teen daughter, hoping for a sweet, fun "chick flick" we could both enjoy and it did not disappoint. Some children might find the movie a little boring as almost the entire film is focused on the adults lives and the adult relationships. I think the actors were probably capable of doing better, so I'm inclined to faulty the directing for the extreme mediocrity of the stifled dialog. I was very sad of not been able to watch the end of the movie due to a defect on the DVD, but I am very happy that the store gave me a pront respond and money back. She has a crush on a local town guy but he doesn't seem to notice her. “Another thing that happens in this episode is we get into Hailey’s past more,” says Martin. Her fiancee, he was killed in front of her many years ago. So many of these mysteries you are just in there solving the crime, and then you get the bad guy. She wants to sell most of her parents things and properties. Gwynyth Walsh is Doris Keating, a woman in her 50’s hired by Pam to hold an estate sale for items in her parents’ home. Pam is scheduled to fly to Aruba on a spontaneous trip with Ryan. She heads to Pam’s house with Jonas to collect potential evidence. Hailey realizes she’s disappeared and could be in real danger. Hailey is told of many other women with sudden inheritances that have disappeared and are presumed dead. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is the second 24- hour linear channel under the Crown Media Family Networks umbrella. It brings her back to a younger time when she walked with her fiancé as he was shot and killed in front of her. Hailey’s flashback repeats, but this time Jonas is shot instead. Matthew Mac Caull is Jonas Mc Clellan, a County Medical Examiner. In the middle of a date she is haunted again by old flashbacks.See full summary » Former Red River TV series star Clint Lawson's Wild West show is in town, the prize act in the annual festival, which the sponsoring bookshop is presiding over. See full summary » Sam lands a job photographing a new spa in Southern California for their brochure and brings her best friend Cassie along to enjoy some pampering. See full summary » She's an avid mystery lover and bookseller, for whom crime has been comfortably confined to the pages of her favorite novels-until a real-life murder turns a weekend of fun and games into a...See full summary » Amateur sleuth Samantha Kinsey's latest case has her trying to figure out who killed her best friend Barbara after she was left out of her family's will and every one of the family members become suspects.

She schedules an appointment with Neil, under a different name of course, claiming she needs a legitimate financial advisor. And although Neil claims he’s not interested, he eventually decides to go. He appears at the door in the middle of the meeting.Bright youngest graduate Randy (Stinky) Lawrence convinces Samantha to promote his brilliant murder video game in the bookstore in exchange for his help in convincing 'old friend' Donald ...She’s starting to have nightmares again about that incident. There’s a big revelation about her past in this episode. This one we get to see her vulnerability and go a little bit deeper.” “On the heels of a successful franchise debut, we are proud to continue our extraordinary partnership with Nancy Grace to bring her celebrated novels to life,” says Executive Vice President, Programming & Publicity Michelle Vicary. Hailey learns Pam writes Ryan a note saying she can’t go with him. She finds herself seeking justice, discovering there is much more to the mystery behind Pam’s kidnapping than it appears. Distributed in both (HD) and standard definition (SD) in 68 million homes across the United States.“There is no greater star than Mystery Woman herself Kellie Martin to keep our viewers on the edge of their seat as they follow the tenacious Hailey Dean on her search for truth, justice and resolution.” , Kellie Martin is Hailey Dean a former prosecutor that becomes a licensed therapist. Hailey suspects foul play after getting a cell phone call from Pam from Hawaii to tell her she is ok. Based on characters from Nancy Grace’s New York Times best-selling series of A Hailey Dean Two Films Inc Production.

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