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Then I noticed a nagging “Your current security settings put your computer at risk… For example the model F-150 is read as –150 and T-Bird in the model field is not being read.

This is a very simple SQL query for finding the 2nd highest salary from an employee table. And some of the values were missing in some of the fields.

The new releases of Visual Basic and C will be familiar to anyone who has used earlier versions, although there are numerous changes to accommodate the . C# is new language that is similar to Java in many respects, although there are significant differences between the two. It is believed that the XML support is fairly stable, but it is possible that there will be some changes before the final product is released (which may happen by the time you read this).

Some observers consider C# to be a Java replacement made necessary because legal problems have forced Microsoft to stop supporting Java (or Visual J , as Microsoft's version of Java was called). NET was designed to support XML from the ground up.

NET Framework is the foundation of Microsoft's next generation of development tools. NET and then details the XML tools that are provided by the Framework and the Visual Studio . Code samples in this chapter are written in the C# language. NET initiative has its origins in the increasing importance of the Web in almost all areas of application development.

Given the increasing importance of XML in all areas of programming and data processing, the inclusion of powerful, integrated XML support in . This is a new language introduced with Visual Studio . Previous development tools, exemplified by Visual Studio version 6.0, were designed for the needs of a decade ago, when the ruling paradigm was applications that were stand-alone or were distributed over a local area network (LAN). NET Framework provides a comprehensive set of classes that are designed for just about any programming task you can imagine.

it has got 174,670 weekly downloads and 1,086,159 total downloads. I recently installed Windows 2008 server on my laptop . Process Schema Location Process schema location hints (xsi:schema Location, xsi:no Namespace Schema Location) encountered during validation. Report Validation Warnings; when a schema validation is required for the XML in . NET CSV reader in one of the projects where CSV File Import played a major role.

Fully excited to learn the new features I logged in to the machine and started to browse the net with Internet explorer. select top(1)[Name], Salary from Employeewhere salary not in (select top (1) salary from employee order by salary desc) ORDER BY SALARY DESC – Change the top parameter to (nth highest salary – 1) Recently I had an issue with . Report Validation Warnings Report schema validation warnings encountered during validation. When a field in the CSV file with a “–“(hyphen) is read, the characters before the “–“are discarded.

This allows custom functions to be used in an XSLT transformation. If you require scripting in your XSLT transformations, you can enable the feature by setting the Allow Xslt Script Property to Internet Explorer uses MSXML 3.0 by default, so when using the MIME viewer to transform scripts, Internet Explorer's security settings are used.As the need for Web-related capabilities grew, ad hoc solutions were crafted as enhancements to existing tools. From the very beginning, the Framework was designed to integrate Web-related programming functionality.Because the Web capabilities were not built into the development tools from the beginning, however, there were inevitable problems with deployment, maintenance, and efficiency. The Framework can be used by any of Microsoft's three programming languages: Visual Basic, C , and C# (pronounced "C sharp").There are no add-ons required, such as the MSXML Parser or the SOAP Toolkit. NET Framework gave you some capable tools for validating XML data. NET Framework 2.0 augments the original capabilities significantly. NET 1.x's XML validation features, providing new classes and methods that are not only standards-compliant, but also easy to use. An XML file is usually validated for its conformance to a particular schema or a DTD.

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It is possible to extend the power of XSLT using Java Script embedded into the XSL file.

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